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Is Your 1:1 Coaching Business Starting to Feel Like a 9-5 Job?

You Need to Productize in Order to Scale - Let Me Show You How!

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The #1 Way To Scale Your Coaching Business

 by Ross Johnson

Is your 1:1 coaching business starting to feel like a 9-5 job?

Or maybe you’re experiencing...

The 1:1 Hamster Wheel

Hustling to get new clients on-board every 3 months after their “program” is complete.

The Reverse Job Effect

Quitting your job only to create a new one where you work for your clients (like an employee).

Time For Money Trap

Selling your time for money until your earning potential is maxed out and you’re too busy to actually enjoy life.
If that’s you, this may be the most exciting message you will ever read...
A Quick Note From The Author
On this page you're going to unlock what many consider to be the (only) key to scaling your coaching business to 7-figures and beyond. I'm also going to share with you a powerful method that will cut your learning time in half and help drive you closer to your entrepreneurial goals.

Sound like a good deal? Awesome. Let's get started then...
You’ve only got so much time on this earth.
It’s the one resource you’ll never get back. That’s why the most successful entrepreneurs in the world focus on creating businesses that leverage their time (and money).

As Warren Buffett famously said…
If you’re facing obstacles leveraging your time and money chances are you’re most likely lacking the right business model…

… It’s this business model that’s responsible for creating most 7-figure coaches

… It’s the business model that can transform a run-of-the-mill coaching business into a wealth and freedom generating machine.

… It’s this business model that many veteran entrepreneurs confess is the most overlooked.

I never blame anyone for missing it.

It’s not a model that’s typically thought of when you decide to become a coach.

Confession time…

And this is a confession you won’t often hear from an online entrepreneur.
Even though this business model directly generates most of my revenue, it was never my intention when I began coaching. I implemented this business model out of necessity, not out of desire.

I wanted to impact more people and continue growing by revenue, and without this model that dream would have been impossible.

One of my biggest regrets is not implementing this model sooner...

Most people think the 1:1 or group coaching model will create the impact, income, and freedom they deeply desire (and deserve).

While these are important models for a total beginner, they are flawed because their foundation is built on the concept of “trading time for money” and that makes scaling your business nearly impossible because it’s always limited by your time.

So what is the #1 way to scale your coaching business?

The model that almost all 7-figure coaches will admit is the foundation of their success and freedom?

If you haven’t already guessed it, that business model is online courses,
I’ll add to that…

Online Courses are the most profitable and freedom generating business model I’ve ever utilized. Every serious entrepreneur must consider this if they want to reach their most audacious goals.

The Truth is…

You can be an amazing, world famous coach with the best 1:1 or group coaching program in the world…

But, if you don’t have a scalable business model that allows you to support more clients… your impact and income will always be limited.

The biggest problem I’ve seen coaches experience over the years had less to do with their ability to get results, and more to do with their ability to support more clients in their business.

Changing business models is almost always the answer.
...and I’ll prove it’s value to you right now.

Here's an easy method for scaling you can use to dramatically increase the amount of income your business can make…

Scaling Method One


Learn How To Quickly Turn Your 1:1 Coaching Service Into A Scalable Offer That Easily Supports 100x More Clients.

Instead of working more hours to take on more clients or (even worse) hiring “co-coaches” to do work with your clients for you… let me show you how to get leverage on your time by creating a better offer.

I like to call this method “productizing your service” and you can use it to turn any service into a product… and the beauty of products is that they are almost infinitely scalable and require less of your time.
Turning your customized service into a systemised product that
delivers the same specific result to all of your customers.

Here’s how to use this method to support more clients and get leverage on your time.


First step... take out a piece of paper and write down the main (and most valuable) transformation that your service delivers to your clients. Starting with the end transformation in mind will allow us to work backwards to create a process.
A client’s current situation is that they are overweight and unhappy with their body. They desire a tone physique they can feel confident about. The transformation is to go from overweight to toned


Next we want to turn the transformation into a repeatable process. Start by working backwards from the end goal. What are the primary steps your client must take to achieve their transformation? Write them down. 

If you have trouble, remember that you’re not “winging it” on every coaching call you have (at least, I hope not), there are always some repeatable steps you bring clients through to reach their goals.
STEP 1: Create a healthy game plan
STEP 2: Implement a new diet
STEP 3: Implement a new workout
STEP 4: Implement a new sleep schedule
STEP 5: Create routines for long term success


After we’ve created our repeatable process for transformation, we can turn these into the primary modules for our online course. Each video in the module can have videos explaining how to implement that step. Instead of repeating the same thing over and over to new clients, we record the lessons on video and the process becomes automatic.
Turning your coaching process into an online course allows you to coach people (and make money), even while you are sleeping. So you can start living that #PassiveIncome #WarrenBuffet lifestyle.

That ONE 'Simple' Method Has Helped
  Me Scale My Business By 10x FAST…

I’m sure it’s not a stretch to say that with just this one method you’d be able to walk away from this page and improve your own business... or at the least help save you time brainstorming how to scale your business. 
That's precisely why I've put not just one, but 12+ different time saving and profit maximizing methods together into a 6 module training program to help you scale your business.
Utilizing these methods have helped me transform businesses from the low 6-figure grind into highly leveraged 7-figure machines.

I've decided to put them all together in an easy to follow program at an incredibly low price for the value inside, let me give you a quick tour of what you'll be getting today…

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Module 2

How To Design A Celebrity Personal Brand

Module 3

How To Build A Course That Gets Insane Results

Module 4

How To “Sell At Scale” With
Live Webinars

Module 5

How To Install Systems That
Give You Freedom

Module 6

How To Scale Your Business With Organic (Free) Marketing
This Program Takes the Pain out
Scaling Your Business
It’s All Included In Our Lifetime Access Membership Area
Everything Ross teaches inside of Course Mastery has completely changed my life. Just in the past 7 months, my new course has generated over $100,000 in sales
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Course Mastery 6 Module Training Program:


Who's This Program For?


I started this program for you!

I have mad respect for anyone who’s managed to build their own coaching business (online or offline)... This program is built in particular for coaches who want to impact the lives of others, but have realised the limitations of 1:1 coaching. This program is your step-by-step system to making money and scaling your business beyond your small list of clients.


I've been there!

The most profitable and impactful thing I ever did in my agency was build an online course teaching others how to do what we did. If you want to be able to justify higher rates, your focus needs to be on delivering unforgettable results for your clients AND positioning yourself as the thought-leaders of your industry through educational programs. This one strategy alone allowed by agency to 2X it’s retainer for new and existing clients.


I've helped quite a few, let me help you!

If you make a living selling things online then you know how important developing money making systems are for your business. Let this program serve as your secret weapon to creating highly profitable marketing funnels, courses, and authoritative content.

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Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Success Disclaimer 
© 2020 Ross Johnson. All Rights Reserved